Acid Yellow 194



We are considered in the market to be one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of these Yellow Acid Dyes. For the purpose of living up to the reputation, we process the offered dyes using the best quality ingredients and provide its safe and timely delivery as well. Used in laboratories and the textile industry, the offered dyes are made available in the market at very reasonable prices.


  • Safe and timely delivery
  • Quality ingredients used
  • Used in laboratories and textile industry


# First Last Handle
1 Mark Otto @mdo
2 Jacob Thornton @fat
3 Larry the Bird @twitter
Sr. NoShadesColorC.I.No.ShadesColorTrade Name
1cAcid Yellow1cNaphthol YellowS
2cAcid Yellow17cAcidol Yellow2G
3cAcid Yellow23cTartrazine
4cAcid Yellow25cAcidol YellowGE
5cAcid Yellow34cAcid YellowS-3GL
6cAcid Yellow42cAcid Milling YellowR
7cAcid Yellow44cAcid Milling YellowH-5G
8cAcid Yellow49cTelon YellowFG
9cAcid Yellow61cSandolan Fast YellowPL
10cAcid Yellow79cPolar Yellow4G
11cAcid Yellow99cNeolan YellowGR
12cAcid Yellow110cAcid Yellow5GN
13cAcid Yellow116cIrgalan YellowGRL
14cAcid Yellow127cErionyl Yellow3G
15cAcid Yellow151cErionyl Golden YellowMR
16cAcid Yellow158.1cAcidol YellowM5GL
17cAcid Yellow159cNylanthrene YellowFLW
18cAcid Yellow166cSellafast Yellow4GL
19c*Acid Yellow169cTectilon Yellow2G
20cAcid Yellow194cAcidol YellowM3RL
21cAcid Yellow199cNylomine YellowA4R
22cAcid Yellow204cAcidol YellowM5RL
23cAcid Yellow220cLanacron YellowS-2G
24cAcid Yellow232cIsolan YellowS-GL
25cAcid Yellow241cAcidol YellowM2GLN
26cAcid Yellow246cTectilon Yellow3R
27cAcid Yellow250cFluorescent YellowAA225