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Product Details:

Product Name Food Colors
Category and type Industrial
Color Range Orange, Yellow, Red, etc.
Type Dyes, Lakes
Material Form Liquid, Powder
Brand Name Technol color India
Delivery Duration 1-3 days
Payment method Cash, mobile payments, Debit,Checks and credit Cards.

We are the largest exporter of unique Colors for Foods, safe for use in food items. They are employed in various drinks, confectionery, and bakery products. They are very water-soluble. They are also made using only the best-grade clean components. We use well-known fabrication techniques to make our results incredibly practical. The colors are natural and are known in a range of shades. Food Colours at techno color India is made using today's trend. Our Colors are made using the best methods to meet the requirements.

We supply large-scale color dyes to diverse countries. Techno-color Corporation makes food colours so safe they are non-toxic and harmless. These colors are popular for their excellent taste among various people. We deliver these foods color items at the lowest prices. Our products are reviewed and proved by our managers. Techno Color India is the most effective Food Colors Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and India. We also these Food Colours worldwide, such as Europe, Southern Asia, and America. We also Supply and fabricate Salt free dyes, acid mordant dyes, textile dyes, venus dyes, acid dyes, etc.


  1. Superior quality
  2. Skin friendly
  3. Colorfastness

Other Details

  1. Water soluble powdered basic Supra colors as per required bulk density
  2. Water soluble powdered Basic mixture & blended colors in which ^E<0.3 is consistently maintained.
  3. Insoluble Aluminum lake pigments from 11% to 42% strength in which Dye content ±1% is consistently maintained
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