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Product Details:

Product Name Solvent dyes
Color Range Multi-coloured(yellow, green)
Material Form Liquid/Powder
Category Industrial/Chemical
Brand Technol color India
Ordering Amount or Quantity 300-400 Kg
Delivery time 1-3 days
Payment method Cash, online banking, mobile payments, Debit, and credit Cards.

Product Description

These dyes are insoluble in water but dissolvable in solvents like petrol. These dyes can easily be soluble in nonpolar solvents. The dye comes with an excellent lightfastness effect which offers lots of benefits. These dyes are employed in manufacturing fuels and used to dye organic solvents by combining them with different solutions. Waxes, plastic, and lubricants are painted and colored using these solvents. Solvent-based wood dyes are used for wood for excellent polish and finishing. They are used primarily for water-based inks for textile printing and dyeing of textiles. These dyes are suitable in textile dyeing since it is possible to make colors more vibrant.

Uses and Applications

These dyes are available in different colors like red, green, blue. Solvent dyes and colorants are used for different applications like leathers, painting, wood stains, plastic, shellacs, use in industries and textile, ink, petroleum, dyeing of glass, varnishing, and use in writing pens. These dyes are used to color plastic. They are used in resins, polycarbonates, acrylic, etc. Purchasing good-quality dyes have become essential. Techno color is the best Solvent Dyes Manufacturers.

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  1. Best for plastic industries.
  2. Available at low prices.


  1. It cannot dissolve in Liquid.

Characteristics and Features

  1. Protect woods from any damagExcellent lightfastness effects.
  2. Available in different colors.
  3. Low cost.
  4. Best for the textiles industry and plastics.

Why Choose Techno Color India?

We are the best manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of solvent dyes in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. We use high-power machines and branded equipment to manufacture different dyes for clients and customers. We offer a good guarantee of our products. We also exportor of leather dyes, venus dyes, direct dyes, food colors, dye ink, etc. Our company consists of a professional crew who effectively manage every workflow. Techno color India ensures every product's safety, structure, packaging, and shipping services. Buy Solvent Dyes from Technicolor India at a low price and large scale.

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Solvent dyes manufacturers Solvent dyes manufacturers

Sr. No Shades Color C.I.No.
1 c Solvent Yellow 19
2 c Solvent Yellow 21
3 c Solvent Yellow 32
4 c Solvent Yellow 82
5 c Solvent Orange 5
6 c Solvent Orange 6
7 c Solvent Orange 45
8 c Solvent Orange 54
9 c Solvent Orange 99
10 c Solvent Red 8
11 c Solvent Red 35
12 c Solvent Red 109
13 c Solvent Red 119
14 c Solvent Red 160
15 c Solvent Brown 37
16 c Solvent Brown 43
17 c Solvent Brown 58
18 c Solvent Black 27
19 c Solvent Black 28
20 c Solvent Black 34

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