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Acid Milling Dyes

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Product Details:

Product Acid Milling Dyes
Material Type Wool, Silk
Color Range Multi-coloured
Material Form Powder
Category Industrial
Brand Technol color India
Ordering Amount 40-60 Kg
Exporting capacity 40-60 Kg/day
Delivery time 3-4 days
Payment method Cash, online banking, mobile payments, Debit, and credit Cards.

Product Description

Acid milling dyes are suitable and work excellent on wools and threads. They form a strong bond between them after applying wool, threads, and nylon. These types of dyes can deliver brilliant and intense colors. The color of the wool fabric remains intact even after washing. It is combined with wool to make it water-resistant. Acid milling dyes are used as a Coloring material in various industries and other enterprises. It has a great washing fastness property, leading to many advantages of this product. Acid milling dyes are excellent for making colorful and bright patterns on natural materials. Selecting a good company for obtaining high-quality dyes becomes necessary. We are the best Acid milling dyes Manufacturers.

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  1. Best use for industries.
  2. Low price.
  3. Applicable for different applications like wools.

Features and properties

  1. quickly washed and cleaned.
  2. Available in different color and shade varieties.
  3. Simple to use and secure to operate.
  4. Best suitable on wool.
  5. Water resistance.
  6. It has a low price.

Why Choose Techno Color India?

We are the best Acid milling dyes manufacturer, exporter, and supplier from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Techno color India is a leading manufacturer of various dyes across India at reasonable prices. Techno color India cares about the happiness of clients. Every type of Dyestuffs, chemicals, and colorants is based on customers' requirements. We have no issue with supplying ability and delivery time. We try to deliver all skills to our customers. We have successfully addressed ourselves to international standards. Our Products are exported to different countries. We note the process of making these dyes to remove any faults. We also manufacture and ship Acid dyes, orange dyes, Black acid dyes, etc.

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