Non Benzidine Direct Dyes Manufacturers

Non Benzidine Direct Dyes

Product Details:

Product Name Non Benzidine Direct Dyes
Color Range Multi-coloured
Material Form Powder
Category Chemical
Brand Technol color India
Ordering Amount 60-120 Kg
Exporting capacity 40-60 Kg/day
Delivery time 3-4 days
Payment method Cash, online banking, mobile payments, Debit, and credit Cards.

Product Description

Non-benzidine direct dyes are non-toxic dyes that color different materials like silk and cotton. Methods of using these dyes are similar compared to other dyes. It provides an excellent color quality for some fiber materials like cotton. Non-toxic properties make these dyes easy to handle and maintain. Non-benzidine direct dyes offer different shades and provide quick output. Buying dyes from well-known organizations will eliminate the problem of poor-quality materials used for dyes. Purchase good-quality dyes from reputed companies. We offer different dyes like solvent dyes, synthetic dyes, direct dyes, reactive dyes at low prices. Techno color India is the best Non Benzidine direct dyes Manufacturers.

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  1. Low price
  2. Long life
  3. High fastwashness

Characteristics and Features

  1. Provide Excellent outcomes on cotton, jute, silk, and crude.
  2. Not harmful for humans.
  3. Offer bright colors in comparison with other dyes.
  4. Anyone can use and operate these dyes easily.
  5. These dyes are cheap and low-cost.
  6. These Dyes Do not contain salt.

Uses and Application

  1. Used to repairing work.
  2. Woodworking glues.
  3. They are easily used on Different fiber Materials.
  4. They are used on paper.
  5. They are used in textiles.

Why Choose Techno Color India?

We are the best manufacturer and supplier of non-benzidine-based direct dyes from Mumbai, Maharashtra, and India. We utilize the excellent quality of material while manufacturing these dyes. We use modern computers and software to eliminate any errors in our products. We have the latest manufacturing equipment for making these dyes. The dyes are offered to customers at the lowest cost. We have experienced workers and a group of experts who manufacture and supply the best quality of Non Benzidine Direct Dyes. We use high-tech packaging techniques so that our products do not get damaged while shipping. We are the top Exporters of Wood stain dyes at a cheap rate.

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Non Benzidine Direct Dyes Manufacturers Non Benzidine Direct Dyes Manufacturers

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