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Product Details:

Product Name Acid Mordant Dyes
Color Range Numerous-coloured
Material Form Liquid/Water-based
Category Industrial/Chemical
Brand Technol color India
Ordering Amount or quantity 40-60 Kg
Exporting capacity 40-60 Kg
Delivery time 1-3 days
Payment method Cash, online banking, mobile payments, Debit, and credit Cards.

Product Description

The Mordant Acid dyes are used for the dyeing process of fabric, silk, chrome, metal-complex, etc. It comes in numerous color shades and styles. These dyes are also used for xerox printing and airbrushing. The dyes can easily be soluble in water. There is a limitation of the season to buy mordant dyes. You can buy these products any time. Our dyes offer long-running performance and provide great efficiency. Acid-mordant dyes are the perfect way to add bright colors to any fabric material. That's why it is essential to approach a good corporation for buying high-quality Dyes. Techno color India is the best Acid Mordant Dyes Manufacturers.

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  1. Available at an affordable price.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. Best for fabric materials.

Features and properties

  1. It creates multi-shades and colors.
  2. Non-toxic and easy to use.
  3. Available at an affordable price.
  4. Best suitable on silk.
  5. Utilize for printing purposes.
  6. Provide good coloring.

Why Choose Techno Color India?

We are the best Acid Mordant dyes Manufacturer, exporter, and Supplier from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Techno color India makes these Mordant dyes at the lowest prices. Our customers inspired us to manufacture and export these products in larger quantities. These acid-mordant dyes, acid metal complex dyes, paper dyes, leather dyes, and other dyes are available at a good price. Our products are of top grade in terms of performance and implementation. We have professionals who understand the customer's requirements and deliver these dyes accordingly. Techno color India consists of an excellent manufacturing unit for exporting all types of dyes Worldwide. We make sure to deliver every product on time and safely.

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