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Product Details:

Product Name Paper Dyes
Color Range Multi-coloured
Material Form Powder
Category Industrial/Chemical
Brand Technol color India
Ordering Amount 60-120 Kg
Exporting Capacity 40-60 Kg/day
Delivery time 2-4 days
Payment method Cash, online banking, mobile payments, Debit, and credit Cards.

Product Description

Paper dyes are the basic dyes used in our day-to-day life. These dyes are employed in the paper industry. Various chemicals, dyes, paints, colorants, and pigments are employed for manufacturing paper. Direct dyes, acid dyes, direct dyes, pigments, and stains are the classifications of dyes employed for paper. The dyes have a unique formation called aryl rings. The color is determined after any dyes process. Different dyes are used for natural dyes, solvent dyes, fabric dyes, synthetic dyes, etc. The dyes have a significant role in our lives and are used in industries and textiles. As these dyes have many advantages, choose a suitable company for paper dyes. Techno color India is the best Paper Dyes Manufacturers. We are the top Paper Dyes Distributors in India and Worldwide.

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  1. Best for chemical industries.
  2. Low price range.
  3. Applicable for various applications.

Characteristics and Features

  1. Widely used by industries.
  2. Having lots of benefits to humans and nature.
  3. Having longer life than other dyes.
  4. Natural fabrics of high quality are used.
  5. Environmental friendly.
  6. Good structure and compositioAvailable in multi-color shades.

Why Choose Techno Color India?

We are the best Paper Dyes Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Our Company is recognized for being one of the top exporters of paper Dyes. We fabricate Dyes for paper industry in observance with industrial benchmarks. Our Company utilizes top-quality raw materials for the production of these dyes. Durability and high-quality dyes are widely valued in the market. Our corporation is the best dye sublimation paper manufacturer.

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Paper dyes manufacturers Paper dyes manufacturers

Sr. No Shades Color C.I.No.
1 c Acid Yellow 36
2 c Direct Yellow 11
3 c Direct Yellow 2064:00:00
4 c Direct Yellow 142
5 c Direct Yellow 147
6 c Direct Orange 118
7 c Direct Red 81
8 c Direct Red 239
9 c Direct Red 254
10 c Direct Violet 35
11 c Direct Blue 86
12 c Direct Blue 189
13 c Direct Blue 199
14 c Direct Green 92
15 c Direct Brown 44
16 c Direct Black 179

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