Acid Yellow 194 Dyes Manufacturers

Acid Yellow 194 Dyes

Product Details:

Product Name Acid Yellow 194 Dyes
Category and type Industrial
Brand Name Technol color India
Delivery Duration 1-3 days
Payment method Cash, mobile payments, Debit,Checks and credit Cards.

Product Description

The market considers us one of the leading exporters and producers of Yellow Acid Dye. We make dyes sold with the best ingredients to guarantee the best quality and most speedy delivery to maintain our reputation. They have been employed in textile labs as well as the industry. These dyes are available at an affordable price. Techno color India is the best Acid Yellow 194 Dyes Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, and Worldwide. We also manufacture and export Acid dyes, Blue acid dyes, Black acid dyes, food colors, violet acid dyes, etc.

  1. Secure and convenient
  2. Exported on given time
  3. High-grade ingredients used
  4. Used in labs and textile enterprise
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acid yellow 194 dyes manufacturers Acid Yellow 194 Dyes Manufacturers

Sr. No Shades Color C.I.No. Shades Color Trade Name
1 c Acid Yellow 1 c Naphthol Yellow S
2 c Acid Yellow 17 c Acidol Yellow 2G
3 c Acid Yellow 23 c Tartrazine
4 c Acid Yellow 25 c Acidol Yellow GE
5 c Acid Yellow 34 c Acid Yellow S-3GL
6 c Acid Yellow 42 c Acid Milling Yellow R
7 c Acid Yellow 44 c Acid Milling Yellow H-5G
8 c Acid Yellow 49 c Telon Yellow FG
9 c Acid Yellow 61 c Sandolan Fast Yellow PL
10 c Acid Yellow 79 c Polar Yellow 4G
11 c Acid Yellow 99 c Neolan Yellow GR
12 c Acid Yellow 110 c Acid Yellow 5GN
13 c Acid Yellow 116 c Irgalan Yellow GRL
14 c Acid Yellow 127 c Erionyl Yellow 3G
15 c Acid Yellow 151 c Erionyl Golden Yellow MR
16 c Acid Yellow 158.1 c Acidol Yellow M5GL
17 c Acid Yellow 159 c Nylanthrene Yellow FLW
18 c Acid Yellow 166 c Sellafast Yellow 4GL
19 c *Acid Yellow 169 c Tectilon Yellow 2G
20 c Acid Yellow 194 c Acidol Yellow M3RL
21 c Acid Yellow 199 c Nylomine Yellow A4R
22 c Acid Yellow 204 c Acidol Yellow M5RL
23 c Acid Yellow 220 c Lanacron Yellow S-2G
24 c Acid Yellow 232 c Isolan Yellow S-GL
25 c Acid Yellow 241 c Acidol Yellow M2GLN
26 c Acid Yellow 246 c Tectilon Yellow 3R
27 c Acid Yellow 250 c Fluorescent Yellow AA225

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