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Dyes for Paper Industry

Product Details:

Product Name Dyes for Paper Industry
Color Range Multi-coloured
Category and type Industrial
Brand Name Technol color India
Delivery Duration 2-4 days

We provide a selection of Dye for the Paper Industry. The dyes are tested to verify their grade throughout the complete procedure. We also make sure they are made with perfect preference. The papers Dyes are well-known for their quality and durability. These dyes ate made of high-quality fabrics and the latest trends. The development of these dyes is quite efficient. We offer Dye for the paper industry at an affordable price. This product is very sought-after on the marketplace. We produce Dyes for paper industries and export them to countries such as Southern Asia, Europe, and America. Techno color India Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers of Dyes for Paper Industry from Mumbai, Maharashtra, and India. We also export and manufacture Paper dyes, textile dyes, direct dyes, venus dyes, acid dye, etc.

  1. High-Rate fabrics employed
  2. Sufficient in qualities
  3. Stable and quality dyeing
  4. Fabricated under the industrial benchmarks
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dyes for paper industry manufacturers dyes for paper industry manufacturers
Other Detail:

Sr. No Shades Color C.I.No.
1 c Acid Yellow 36
2 c Direct Yellow 11
3 c Direct Yellow 2064:00:00
4 c Direct Yellow 142
5 c Direct Yellow 147
6 c Direct Orange 118
7 c Direct Red 81
8 c Direct Red 239
9 c Direct Red 254
10 c Direct Violet 35
11 c Direct Blue 86
12 c Direct Blue 189
13 c Direct Blue 199
14 c Direct Green 92
15 c Direct Brown 44
16 c Direct Black 179

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