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Direct Dyes

Product Details:

Product Name Direct Dyes
Color Range Multi-coloured
Category and type Industrial
Brand Name Technol color India
Delivery Duration 2-4 days

Product Description

Our direct dyes are prepared by a qualified professional. We make our dyes by utilizing excellent methods to meet global standards. We offer large-scale dyes in different countries because we make our dyes with exceptional textiles. Techno-color corporation makes dyes so they cannot be dangerous to humans. The top Leather Luganil Dyes manufactured by BASF, which we sell on the market, are known for their extremely effective color and lasting effect.

With high-quality components and the most advanced technology, this product is highly efficient in its effectiveness. We sell it on the market at a reasonable cost. This product is especially preferred in the market. Techno color India is the best Direct Dyes Manufacturers, Exporters, and Supplier from Mumbai, Maharashtra, and India. We also Ship and deliver these dyes worldwide like Europe, Southern Asia, and America. We also Export and manufacture Salt free dyes, acid milling dyes, textile dyes, dye inks, food colors etc.

  1. High-Grade and sufficient usage
  2. Multicolor
  3. Delivered in different shades
  4. Long-lasting
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