Dyes For Leather Against CIBA Manufacturers

Dyes For Leather Against CIBA

Product Details:

Product Name Dyes For Leather Against CIBA
Color Range Multi-coloured
Form Acid
Category and type Industrial
Brand Name Technol color India
Delivery Duration 2-4 days

Product Description

We create these dyes with the finest ingredients and supply different shades. They are widely acclaimed in the marketplace because of their efficacy and lasting effects. Due to their cost-effectiveness and high quality, they are highly desired. Our company is among the leading exporters and manufacturers of Dyes for Leather industry against CIBA or TFL from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. We also export and fabricate Leather dyes, orange acid dyes, venus dyes, violet acid dyes, Dyes for leather industry, acid dyes, etc.

  1. High-grade components and elements used
  2. Available in several shades and colors
  3. It has a useful and long effect
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dyes for leather against ciba exporter dyes for leather against ciba exporter

Color C.I.No. Shades Color Trade Name
Acid Yellow 79 c Sellafast Yellow B
Acid Yellow 194 c Sellafast Orange H
Acid Yellow 199 c Sellafast Orange PF
Acid Yellow 220 c Sellafast Yellow M
Acid Brown 98 c Sellafast Brown O
Acid Brown 147 c Sellafast Brown CR
Acid Brown 191 c Sellafast Brown DR
Acid Brown 282 c Irgaderm Brown M
Acid Orange 51 c Sellafast Brown HC
Acid Red 97 c Sellafast Red C
Acid Red 119 c Sellafast Brown MW
Acid Red 260 c Sellafast Red B
Acid Red 337 c Sellacid red PF
Acid Violet 54 c Sellacid red F
Acid Blue 25 c Sellacid Blue PF
Acid Green 68:1 c Sellafast Green GD
Acid Blue 73 c Sellafast Olive C-SG

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