Dyes for Textile Industry Manufacturers

Dyes for Textile Industry

Product Details:

Product Name Dyes for Textile Industry
Color Range Multi-coloured
Category and type Industrial
Brand Name Technol color India
Delivery Duration 2-4 days

Product Description

We offer a wide range of appropriate dyes for Textile Industry. They are constructed using top-quality materials and everyday movements. Our dyes stand out in both their color and speed of wash. The dyes are inspected to confirm their quality throughout the entire process. These guarantees that they are of the highest quality range of colors. Textile Dyes are well-known for their longevity and high quality. The dyes are made with specific sets that provide our customers with a distinctive wash-down design.

We offer Dye for the textile industries cheaply. Experienced experts and workers make direct dyes. Techno color India produces textiles dyes for export to markets including Southern Asia, Europe, and America. We are the profitable Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers of Dyes for the textile industry from Mumbai, Maharashtra, and India. We also supply and manufacture Non Benzidine Direct Dyes, venus dyes, brown acid dyes, blue acid dyes, black acid dyes, etc.


  1. Low Price
  2. Best for textile industries
  3. High-grade components and fabrics are used
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dyes for textile industry manufacturers dyes for textile industry manufacturers
Against Acid M of Multinational Co:

Sr. No Shades Color C.I.No. Shades Color Trade Name
1 c Acid Yellow 1 c Naphthol Yellow S
2 c Acid Yellow 17 c Acidol Yellow 2G
3 c Acid Yellow 23 c Tartrazine
4 c Acid Yellow 25 c Acidol Yellow GE
5 c Acid Yellow 34 c Acid Yellow S-3GL
6 c Acid Yellow 42 c Acid Milling Yellow R
7 c Acid Yellow 44 c Acid Milling Yellow H-5G
8 c Acid Yellow 49 c Telon Yellow FG
9 c Acid Yellow 61 c Sandolan Fast Yellow PL
10 c Acid Yellow 79 c Polar Yellow 4G
11 c Acid Yellow 99 c Neolan Yellow GR
12 c Acid Yellow 110 c Acid Yellow 5GN

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